mossonhighheels saidIt’s unnecessary to say this, but have the best time!!!

Thanks!!! I’ve never seen Nick with this many friends. Really think it’s going to be great :-) 

See you tonight, you savage bastard! 


@autobeguiled saidomg how dare nick cave say that about leonard cohen, too close to his quote about david bowie. lol brain. anyway this looks great!

Haha, it’s a great quote to reuse! And thank you! 

So I wrote this huge feature on Luke Haines. I’ve been wanting to do this forever, so I’m glad I finally got the chance. 

I harp on about how great I think Luke Haines is enough in this, but I will say one more thing:  In the Leonard Cohen documentary that came out a few years ago, Nick Cave says something about listening to Leonard Cohen as a teen in Australia and how it made him feel like the coolest person alive. When I was lonely in New York and listening to The Auteurs and Luke Haines’ solo stuff for the first time, I felt the exact same way. 

The greatest thing I have seen all week.

The greatest thing I have seen all week.



Vinyl Cut: Peter Silberman from The Antlers goes record shopping with the Guardian

Oh man, how delightful is this video? It’s particularly delightful to me because it was filmed on the day we went to the Familiars record release show,  which, considering I feel very strongly for the album and have had a pretty crappy couple of months, has been the highlight of my summer by far! Ace picks!! 

Sling Blade

"He is one of those people who refuse to say anything at all, and yet who are continually driven to say everything. Who tie tourniquets around the arteries of their thought, but to no effect; who pour themselves out in suicidal word-spate, who hate themselves in truth because the world of their feeling, apprehended as enforced incest, daily smashes them to smithereens."

Thomas Bernhard, Frost

Just finished this. Simply outstanding. 

So, James sent this to me when I got to work this morning. I haven’t done anything productive yet because I’m still recovering from the cuteness overdose!